National Soccer League

(Canadian) National Soccer League 1926-1997. Hope you find what you're looking for and if you have something to contribute, get in touch.

1984 Season

1984 National Soccer League

Average attendance in 1984 was said to be 2,500 for the clubs playing out of Toronto, London and St. Catharines. Ticket price being about $4.

Toronto Italia were the league and cup champions.

Standings as of XXX

1. Dinamo Latino1114
2. Toronto Italia1113
3. Toronto Croatia1113
4. Panhellenic1112
5. London Marconi1111
6. St. Catharines Roma11 3

Final standings

1. Toronto Italia
3. London Marconi

National Soccer League Playoffs

Playoff final

Toronto Italia defeated London Marconi

National Soccer League Cup

League Cup Final

Toronto Italia defeated London Marconi

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