1994 Canadian National Soccer League

Commissioner: Rocco LoFranco


The NSL opened what it called its 72nd season with two new teams in Montreal.

Clubs and players

Review of the season

The league kicked off the season on May 28 at the Centre Claude-Robillard in Montreal in front of 100 or so fans. The Montreal Ramblers tied Toronto Croatia 2-2. Mustapha Sahrane and Benedict Yula scored for the Ramblers, while Mike Mazza scored two goals for the Toronto team.

After the season the league dropped the two Montreal franchises to reduce travelling costs. The Montreal Ramblers joined the U.S.I.S.L. for the 1995 season. However the Canadian Soccer Association did not accept this move and the Ramblers were forced to relocate the club to New Hampshire in the United States.

CNSL comissioner Rocco LoFranco, also owner of the Toronto Italia franchise, fell out with main rivals Toronto Croatia. Croatia departed to the newly-created CISL, a league sponsored by Puma, that consisted of ethnic teams playing at Lamport Stadium.

Results and standings

Leading goalscorer:
1. Ryan Gamble (Toronto Italia)

Goalkeeper of the Year:
Paulo Silva

Coach of the Year:
Peter Pinozzotto (Toronto Italia)

Rookie of the Year:
Ryan Gamble (Toronto Italia)

September 11, 1994
Montreal Croatia 3
Toronto Jets 5
September 17, 1994
Toronto Jets 5
Montreal Croatia 6
Toronto Jets won series 11-8
September 11, 1994
London City 1
Scarborough Astros 1
September 16, 1994
Scarborough Astros 0
London City 1
London City won series 2-1

September ??, 1994 Esther Shriner Stadium, London
Toronto Jets 0
Toronto Italia 1
October 9, 1994 Esther Shriner Stadium, London
Toronto Italia 0
Toronto Jets 0
Toronto Italia won series
September 28, 1994
St. Catharines Roma 1
London City 0
October 2, 1994
St. Catharines Roma 3
London City 1
St. Catharines Roma won series

October 12, 1994 St. Catharines
St. Catharines Roma 0
Toronto Italia 1
October 15, 1994 Centennial Park, Toronto
Toronto Italia 3
St. Catharines Roma 1

CNSL Cup finals
September 14, 1994 Etobicoke Centennial Stadium
Toronto Italia 1
St. Catharines 0
September 21, 1994
St. Catharines
Toronto Italia

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