1997 Canadian National Soccer League

After so many years of highs and lows the National Soccer League played out its last season wihtout little fanfare. One of the few highlights was that Rocket Robin kept up with his dedication to delivering match reports on his internet web site.

There was no Rocco LoFranco or his Toronto Italia team to try to drum up some interest as his team had folded.

The North York Talons were a merger of the 1996 North York Talons and the 1996 Scarborough Astros. The team split their season playing their home games at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough and the Esther Shiner in North York. 

The ambassador of Croatia attended the first home league match of Toronto Croatia. Croatia hired former Dinamo Zagreb player Zlatko Haramincic as their head coach.

Kosovo Albians protested that Supra won the Cup and withdrew when the protest was not upheld.

Clubs and players

Toronto Supra

Founded: 1994 (as Portuguese United)
Stadium: Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Head coach: Cesar Garcia
Key players:

Results and standings

September 12, 1997
Toronto Supra 4
Toronto Croatia 1
September 14, 1997
Kosovo Albanians 0
London City 3
September 17, 1997
Toronto Croatia 1
Toronto Supra 4
September 19, 1997
London City 1
Kosovo Albanians 2
*After extra time

September 24, 1997
St. Catharines Wolves 2
Kosovo Albanians 1
September 29, 1997   
Kosovo Albanians 3
St. Catharines Wolves 3

October 3, 1997 Lamport Stadium, Toronto
Toronto Supra 0
St. Catharines Wolves 0
October 10, 1997 Club Roma Stadium, St. Catharines
St. Catharines Wolves 4
Toronto Supra 3
St. Catharines Wolves won the 1997 Canadian National Soccer League championship.