1951 National Soccer League

Secretary-treasurer: W. B. Howie, Montreal


The annual general meeting was held in Toronto on Saturday April 7, 1951.

Hamilton Austins joined the league.

Clubs and players

Hamilton Westinghouse had a team composed of mostly young imported from Scotland.

Review of the season

Toronto Scottish had a tough season and by mid-September they had only registered one win.

East End Canadians clinched the fourth playoff spot by beating Hamilton Westinghouse 4-0 on October 25.

Toronto St. Andrews won the league championship.

Toronto Ukraina won the Glebe Cup their first NSL playoff championship.

Ulster United won the Dominion Cup finals.

Results and standings

Final standings

St. Andrews175236
Ulster United165335
E.E. Canadians116729
Tor. Scottish416412
Ham. Austins22026

Playoff final

?? 1951, Toronto
Toronto Ukraina 1
East End Canadians 0

Toronto Ukraina won the NSL playoff championship.

Exhibition games

June 5, 1951 Toronto
Attendance: 8,000
National Soccer League All-Stars 1 (Alex Ptolomey)
Glasgow Celtic 2 (Charlie Tully, John McPhail)