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1966 Season

1966 National Soccer League

President: Bill Boytchuk
Vice-president: Ostap Wynnyckyj

Review of the season

Bill Boytchuk of Toronto Ukraina was re-elected as president for the fourth consecutive time. Ostap Wynnyckyj, also of Toronto Ukraina, was elected as vice-president.

The league started the campaign with nine clubs but after only one week Olympia dropped out. The season opened with Toronto Ukraina beating Windsor Teutonia 4-2 in Toronto.

Windsor Teutonia won the playoff championship. This was the first time since 1950 that the playoffs were won by a team from outside of Toronto.

Final standings

Sudbury Italia2818 4 6301242
Hellas2818 4 6602642
Toronto Ukraina2817 6 5512839
Toronto Hungaria281412 2503630
Toronto Croatia281211 5423329
Windsor Teutonia261012 4222724
Kitchener Kickers28 420 4234212
Portuguese United26 024 22195 2

National Soccer League Play-offs

Group A Semi-finals

October ??, 1966
Sudbury Italia
Toronto Ukraina

October ??, 1966
Sudbury Italia
Toronto Croatia

October 12, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 2
Toronto Ukraina 0

Toronto Croatia won the Group A semi-finals series.

Group B Semi-finals

October 2, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Hungaria 4
Windsor Teutonia 1

October 5, 1966 Toronto
Toronto Hungaria 4
Toronto Hellas 4

October 15, 1966
Windsor Teutonia 2
Toronto Hungaria 1

October 16, 1966
Windsor Teutonia 2
Toronto Hellas 1

Windsor Teutonia won the Group B semi-finals series

NSL Play-off finals

October 23, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 1
Windsor Teutonia 1

October 30, 1966 at Wigle Park, Windsor
Windsor Teutonia 1
Toronto Croatia 0

Windsor Teutonia won the two-game, total-points finals.

Exhibition games

July 3, 1966 Toronto
National Soccer League All-Stars 5
Azores All-Stars (Portugal) 2

July 10, 1966 Sudbury
Sudbury Italia 0
Toronto Roma (ECPSL) 1

July 25, 1966 Toronto
National Soccer League All-Stars vs Vojvodina (Yugoslavia) ppd

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