1966 National Soccer League

President: Bill Boytchuk
Vice-president: Ostap Wynnyckyj

Preview of the season

Bill Boytchuk of Toronto Ukraina was re-elected as president for the fourth consecutive time. Ostap Wynnyckyj, also of Toronto Ukraina, was elected as vice-president.

Review of the season

The league started the campaign with nine clubs but after only one week Olympia dropped out. The season opened with Toronto Ukraina beating Windsor Teutonia 4-2 in Toronto. Goalscorers for Ukraina were Walter Skocen with three goals and Leo Dowhaluk with one goal. Tibor Vigh scored both of Teutonia’s goals.

On Friday night August 26 Toronto Ukraina defeated Kitchener Kickers 6-1 in Toronto. Alex Marshall scored three goals for the Ukrainians. Don Lalka, Alex Popowych and Jack O’Neill scored the other goals.

Windsor Teutonia won the playoff championship. This was the first time since 1950 that the playoffs were won by a team from outside of Toronto.

Results and standings

Group A Semi-finals
October ??, 1966
Sudbury Italia
Toronto Ukraina

October ??, 1966
Sudbury Italia
Toronto Croatia

October 12, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 2 (George Simchich pen, Mike Horvath)
Toronto Ukraina 0

Toronto Croatia won the Group A semi-finals series.

Group B Semi-finals
October 2, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Hungaria 4 (Frank Fodor 3, John Sullivan)
Windsor Teutonia 1 (Alexander Guitto)

October 5, 1966 Toronto
Toronto Hungaria 4 (Kurt Dvorak 2, F. Fodor, William Willison)
Toronto Hellas 4 (John Dimpoulos, Jim Lefkos, John Karas, Gregory Petridis)

October 15, 1966
Windsor Teutonia 2
Toronto Hungaria 1

October 16, 1966
Windsor Teutonia 2
Toronto Hellas 1

Windsor Teutonia won the Group B semi-finals series

NSL Playoff finals
October 23, 1966 at Stanley Park, Toronto
Toronto Croatia 1 (Mike Horvath)
Windsor Teutonia 1 (Chuck Zabo pen)

October 30, 1966 at Wigle Park, Windsor
Attendance: 1,000
Windsor Teutonia 1 (Carl Gaier)
Toronto Croatia 0

Windsor won the two-game, total-points finals.

Exhibition game
July 10, 1966 Sudbury
Attendance: 1,400
Sudbury Italia 0
Toronto Roma (ECPSL) 1