1976 National Soccer League

President: Joe Piccininni


Joe Piccininni was re-elected as president of the National Soccer League.

The league also operated with a Second Division.


Steve Sohuyko

Referee-in-chief: Steve Sohuyko

Referees: Munif Dakac, Ilija Matos, Bill Bouwmeester (Chatham, Ontario) and Phil Clarke (London, Ontario).

Division 1

Review of the season

The season kicked off on Wednesday April 29, 1976, in Hamilton. Hamilton Croatia scored two goals in the second half to tie First Portuguese 2-2. Goalscorers for Hamilton Croatia were Stejpan Loparic and Slobodan Hrstic. Goalscorers for First Portuguese were Armando Costa and Jim McLean.

Windsor Stars opened their season in Hamilton by beating Hamilton Croatia on Sunday May 2. The game was watched by 1,000 fans at Brian Timmis Stadium. Joe Vitale and Manfred Michel scored the goals for Windsor Stars.

Due to snow in Montreal the Les Castors Montreal had to switch their home game against Macadonia to Toronto on May 8.

Toronto Italia won the league championship.

First Portuguese defeated Toronto Italia in the playoff championship.

Results and standings

Playoff finals
October ??, 1976
First Portuguese 2
Toronto Italia 0

October 4, 1976 Lamport Stadium, Toronto
First Portuguese 2 (Armando Costa 2)
Toronto Italia 1 (John Fahy)+

Exhibtion games

April 10, 1976 Toronto
Attendance: 400
Canadian Olympic Team 0
Toronto Italia 1 (Mario Narciso)