Art Halliwell by Lou Skuce. Clipping from the Ottawa Citizen November 30, 1930.

Art Halliwell was Canada’s best goalkeeper in the 1920’s when he starred for Toronto Scottish. He was also a good hockey goalkeeper who nearly got to play in the NHL. A larger than life character he owned many famous racehorses.

Arthur Jennings Halliwell was born in Manchester, England on February 13, 1897. Art and his family emigrated to Canada when he was six years old. Learned soccer in Toronto but was also a notable youth player at baseball, lacrosse and hockey.

He started his career with Parkview in Toronto before joining Ulster United. While a member of Ulster United he represented the Toronto All-Stars against Bethlehem Steel in 1918. Represented Toronto many times in their Carls-Rite games against Montreal.

In March 1919 he joined the Merchant Team A team in Philadelphia together with fellow Canadian star soccer player Ernest Fidler. The team played in the Eastern-based National Association Football League.

Starred against touring Scottish team Third Lanark in 1921. His performance against them earned him a move to Scottish second division team Dunfermline. Sailed for Scotland from Montreal on September 10, 1921.

Art returned to Canada on November 21, 1921, saying he was unsatisfied by the conditions offered in Scotland. He had not been owned by the club but by the syndicate that sent him to Scotland. He said that he preferred to play amateur football instead of making a living out of the game.

While a goalkeeper for the A. R. Clarke’s team he represented Canada in two international games against the United States in 1925.

Art was also a hockey goalkeeper. He first made his name with the Aura Lee club of the Ontario Hockey Association. In the winter of 1925-26 he practised with Toronto St. Pats, a professional hockey team in the National Hockey League. During the winter of 1927-28 he practised with the Toronto Maple Leafs and travelled with them several times as their reserve goalkeeper in the National Hockey League.

Goalkeeper for the Toronto All-Stars when they played against the English Football Association touring team on May 29, 1926. In front of a record crowd of 8,000 at Ulster Stadium it was said that it was the spectacular goaltending of Art that reduced the loss to 6-0.

Joined the newly-formed Craigavon team in the Toronto Senior League in 1926. Transferred to Toronto Scottish for their first season in the National Soccer League in 1927. Won the Ontario Cup with Toronto Scottish in 1928 and 1931. Won the Lord Atholstan Cup with Toronto Scottish in 1930 and 1931.

During the winter of 1927-28 he trained with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Art owned a number of gasoline stations and invested his money on racehorses. Art also got known for his weight. In 1931 he weighed 262 pounds while being the goalkeeeper of Toronto Scottish.

In the 1933-34 season he coached the Toronto Torontos in the Ontario Hockey Association.

When he retired from horseracing in 1961 he owned 51 horses.

Art died on May 18, 1964 in Toronto. Shortly before his death the Canadian Press ran a story on him. It was revealed that he had set out three major goals for life: “to be one of the best soccer players ever developed in Canada; to make a million dollars and to be a friend to everyone”. He had accomplished all three in addition to owning many famous racehorses.