Originally formed in 1930 the Montreal Hungaria club recieved a boost with the arrival of new players from Hungary after the Hungarian October revolution in 1956. The club joined the inter-provincial version of the National Soccer League before the start of the 1958 season.

The 1958 National Soccer League season was the start of some hectic boom years in Canadian soccer. Many of the clubs involved got sponsorships from their ethnic community or leaders of these, and invested heavily in importing players from Europe.

Hungaria’s goalkeeper in the 1958 season was Hans Köbli who had been signed from the Vienna club in Montreal.

The fullback positions were occupied by György (George) Czekly and Gyula (Julius) Klug. Czekly had started his career with the Vöros Meteor club in Budapest. Klug had played for Budapest club Ganz.

Half-backs included Tibor Molnar; Hermann Pfeiffer, a former Austrian junior internationalist; 17-year old Károly (Charles) Horváth who had started his career with Ujpest Dozsa in Hungary; and Laszlo Wyhs, who had been a hockey player in Hungary but devoted his time to soccer in Canada.

The club’s forwards were Tibor Wagner, formerly of the Csepel club in Hungary; István (Steve) Bencze, formerly of Ferencvaros; Zoltán Téli, who had played for Lokomotiv Székesfehérvári and Mahort in Hungary; former Ganz player Tibor Fekete; goalgetter Tibor Sztankovics; and Arpad Kiraly, formely of Tatanbanya and Szeged in Hungary. Another important member of the team was veteran player Ferenc Nadányi.

Late in September 1958 Imre Dora arrived from Germany. The centre-forward had started his career with Tatanbanya in Hungary. Imre would go on to make his mark as one of the best goalscorers in the history of the National Soccer League.

Hungaria won the 1958 National Soccer League championship.

After the regular season the leading goalscorers for the Hungaria team was Tibor Sztankovics with 22 goals and Arpad Kiraly with 21 goals. Then followed Zoltan Teli with 12 goals, Czuzman with 11 goals and Tibor Fekete with 9 goals.

Hungaria and Italia tied the second final 2-2 in front of a crowd of 8,500 at Fred Hamilton Park in Toronto. Hungaria’s line-up in the final was: Koelbli; Czékly, Klug; Wyhs, Fekete, Horvath; Wagner, Bencze, Dóra, Téli, Király.