Competition:Exhibition game
League:1964 Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League
Date:8 June 1964
Stadium:Civic Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario

On Monday 8 June 1964 Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League club Hamilton Steelers played against German touring club Meidericher Spiel-Verein. The club is now commonly known as MSV Duisburg. In the summer of 1964 they were on a tour of Canada and the United States.

Hamilton Steelers score after 38 minutes when former Hungarian International forward Zoltan Czibor, beat several defenders before sliding the ball to Ray Edwards who scored from 18 yards.

42 minutes into the game MSV player Heinz Hoer tied the game.

The game finished in a 1-1 draw.

On Wednesday night 10 June Hamilton Steelers manager Duncan Beattie announced that goalkeeper Enore Zanoni had been suspended by the club for failing to show up for the match.

Meidericher Spiel-Verein Player profiles:

JOHAN CICHY — Left-halfback, age 32, played most of the games during the season; a good play-maker.

HORST GECKS — Utility forward, age 22, one of the new
selected men for the Junior National Allstars, a great playmaker and a dangerous goal getter. His predictions and
future in soccer is great, is a product of the Meiderich youth

HARTMUT HEIDEMANN — Right-fullback, age 22, born in Duisburg, and is a product of the Meiderich youth teams, has been selected three times for the German National Junior Allstars and again has been selected versus Chechoslovakia, for May, 1964. His future predictions in soccer is very promising.

WERNER KRAEMER — Inside-right, age 24, the most valuable man on Meiderich’s team, the experts are predicting that Kraemer is the best talent ever developed in Germany, even to surpass FRITZ WALTER; has played five times on the National Allstars. Is a product of Meiderich and is a great play-maker; has been recently injured and it is questionable if he will be able to play on this tour.

WERNER KUBEK — Outside-left, age 26, first choice for left wing, very fast and clever wing player.

WERNER LOTZ — Inside -man, age 26, very stable player, also a product of Meiderich, a very dependable utility forward.

MANFRED MANGLITZ — Goalkeeper, age 24. signed up last year with Meiderich from the West-German League Club, “Bayer Leverkussen”. Is the first choice in goal for the M.S.V. club, since formation of the Bundesliga, was selected for the German National Allstar Team versus
Chechoslovakia, for May 3, 1964.

LUDWIG NOLDEN — All-round man, age 29, mostly used as halfback or inside-half. Very clever play-maker and a calm penalty kicker, also one of the home products

MANFRED MUELLER— Halfback, age 22, product of the M.S.V., has played in most of the games during the season and is also selected for the National Junior Allstars versus Chechoslovakia that played on May 3. Has a great future.

GUENTHER PREUSS — Center-half, age 28, is one of the strongest men in the defense, is also a product of the strong Meiderich youth movement.

HELMUT RAHN — Outside-right, age 35, oldest member of the team, a new-comer to Meiderich, has played 40 times on the National Allstar Team of Germany, is a member of the World Champion Team of 1954. where he had scored the most important goals in his career. Rahn is one of the best outside-rights Germany has had. At the age of 35, he is still going very strong and is a dangerous goal getter.

HANS SABATH — Left-fullback, age 25, born in Duisburg, grew up in Duisburg with little league, up to first team and is one of the key players in defense.

ERICH STAUDE — Goalkeeper, age 26, second choice for the M.S.V. club, prior to Manglitz’s arrival, he was the standard goalkeeper; grew up with the club.

HEINZ VERSTEEG — Center forward, age 25, team’s first choice center-forward, an M.S.V. product. Is being closely watched by the West German all-star Selecting Committee; has one of the most powerful shots on the team; a stocky very hustling type of forward.

GUSTAV WALENZIAK— Inside-forward, age 25, mostly used as a spare man.

RUDI GUTENDORF — Coach, age 38, second season with the Meidericher Team, has gained international recognition as a good coach, has been trainer and coach in Switzerland
and Lageria, has developed unique coaching system, known as Gutendorf system, which has proved for the Meiderich team as very successful; his team was in contention for the German Champion for most of the season, but they most likely will finish as runner-up.