League:1958 National Soccer League
Date:26 October 1958
Stadium:Faillon Stadium, Montreal
Referee:Hugh McLean (Hamilton)

The second leg of the 1958 NSL Playoff finals took place at Faillon Stadium in Montreal on Sunday 26 October. The two contestants, Montreal Hungaria and Toronto Italia, had played to a 2-2 tie in front of 8,500 soccer fans in Toronto the previous Sunday.

A crowd of 3,000 watched the game in Montreal. The Montreal Gazette reported that the crowd seemed to be evenly divided in their support for the two clubs, with the Italians of Montreal rooting for the Toronto club.

Imre Dora was the first to score when he gave Hungaria a 1-0 lead four minutes into the game. Arpad Kiraly had the pass.

After 20 minutes Tibor Stankovics increased Hungaria’s lead to 2-0.

40 minutes into the game the Toronto Italia was awarded a penalty kick with Pete Cassin scoring for Italia.

The half-time score was Montreal Hungaria 2, Toronto Italia 1

Toronto Italia evened the score 11 minutes into the second half when former Montrealer Emil Erbach put the ball behind Montreal goalkeeper Hans Koelbli.

After 18 minutes Karoly (Charles) Horvath scored on a corner from Arpad Kiraly to give the Hungarians a 3-2 victory.

Thus Montreal Hungaria won the Labatt Trophy, emblematic of the championship of the National Soccer League, on a goals to count basis 5-4.


Montreal Hungaria: Hans Koelbli; George Czékly, Julius Klug; Les Wyhs, Tibor Fekete, Charles Horvath; Tibor Wagner, Steve Bencze, Imre Dóra, Zoltan Téli, Arpad Király.

Toronto Italia (not complete): Bruno Dauese (goalkeeper); Angel Romanin (fullback); lfb; Danilo Guerra (right half), centre half, left half; outside right, inside right, Pete Cassin (forward), Emil Erbach (inside left), Stanfield (outside left).