Great games: Ulster United 1, Kilmarnock 1

On Saturday May 24, 1930 Ulster United drew 1-1 with Kilmarnock of Scotland. Kilmarnock had won the Scottish Cup in the 1928-1929 season. The touring team had so far defeated Montreal Carsteel 3-0 and Oshawa 5-1 in Canada.

A crowd of 8,000 at Ulster Stadium watched Williamson of Kilmarnock score the first goal of the match. Jimmy Moir scored a goal in the second half to tie the game 1-1.


Ulster United: Kirk; Eadie, Pryor; Stewart, Wilson, Hagen; Paxton, Mathieson, Graham, Galloway, Moir.

Kilmarnock: Clennie; Robertson, Nibloe; Smith, T. Stewart, McEvan; Walters, Williamson, Cunningham, Ramsay, Aitken

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